Litigation Support

Attorneys frequently call business appraisers to act as consultants and/or expert witnesses for a wide range of financial and quantitative matters. Our experience in valuation and related financial consulting gives us a broad perspective and the credibility needed in formulating opinions and advising counsel. We are familiar with the process and the terminology used in all phases of the dispute resolution process, both in and out of court.

Delphi provides support for your dispute, mediation or litigation, whether it arises from marital dissolution, shareholder dispute or business damages. We are not part-time appraisers. Because we are a full-time valuation services firm, valuation is our core competency and our core focus. This deep level of expertise allows our professionals to understand the nuances of valuation analysis in a dispute environment. Whether the issue is the complexity of a start-up business, the distinction of a particular, statutory definition of value, the impact of a multi-tiered capital structure, or the necessity to dig deeply into expenses to better understand the real cash flows of a business, Delphi’s accredited team of professionals offers the experience to assist your needs.